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My name is Mohammed El Khaldy from Damascus in Syria, I am 37 years old.

My job now is a chef in France, competing with the most important chefs here through the meals I make.

Besides, I am collaborating with a French chef here in combining French and Syrian recipes, I also work with the world’s leading agencies, the most famous fashion designers and famous galleries here in Paris.

As all people, I fled out of Syria. Our trip began to Lebanon, then I moved to Egypt and tried hard to bring my family but there were difficulties and obstacles, then I’ve waited around more than two years until my family was able to join me in Egypt,

Then, my family and I sailed heading from Egypt to Italy through the “boats of death”. It was really a harrowing trip, I was in moment just told myself “what have I done to myself, to my family and my children. It was very difficult.  Thank God, we arrived safely.

Then we moved to Switzerland and from there to Germany and then to Denmark, in Denmark and after waiting a year, my asylum application was rejected, so I traveled with my family from Denmark to Germany to the Netherlands and Belgium until I settled in Paris,

My trip from Syria to Paris lasted almost four years until I settled here. A lot of French friends helped me, I had been successful to offer the Syrian kitchen here. I encountered the language barrier, but I went beyond it by communicating with people through the language of eating and cooking.

I had a choice between despair or to go after ambition and success, my ambition was great and boundless

One time, my wife and I were walking near the Louvre Museum, I said to her as a joke, imagine if my picture hung here in this museum; she laughed and told me “your dreams are great”

forty days later, my happiness was indescribable when a French friend called me and sent a picture of me hanging on the wall of the Louvre Museum after a great success in cooking, and I went on to be one of the most famous chefs in Paris.

At night, I took my family and went to the museum, and saw the picture, it was a very happy and unspeakable moment.